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Epson Printer installed in German how to solve
Posted by Dale on 17 March 2009 03:45 PM
This problem can occur when Windows uses a foreign language printer information file when installing a printer via USB and consequently installing the associated foreign printer driver and utility files. This can be corrected will a full uninstall of the printer.

Please follow the following steps to remove the Foreign Language tabs from the EPSON Printer Driver:

Step One:

Switch off and disconnect the printer. Click on START, then CONTROL PANEL > Printers. Locate your printer icon, right-click it and select 'Cancel All Documents'. If you have more than one icon for your printer model, repeat this for the other driver too. If you have had to cancel documents, restart the PC before continuing to Step. 2.

Step Two:

Go to Programs and Features in Control Panel, and remove the following items:

EPSON PRINTER SOFTWARE (this may be named in a foreign language like EPSON DRUCKER SOFTWARE). When you are at this stage and have selected to 'change/remove' this item, a window will appear titled 'EPSON Printer Utility' - above the icons of each of your EPSON printers will be a 'Printer Model' tab and 'Utility' tab. Please click on one of the printers so it is highlighted, then select 'Utility' - please tick every box listed in the 'Utility' section and select 'OK'. Answer positively to all questions and once the uninstall is complete, you will need to follow the same procedure to remove the other EPSON printer drivers by clicking on 'EPSON PRINTER SOFTWARE' again and 'CHANGE/REMOVE'.

Step Three:

Open the Windows/Start menu and type inf into the Search field and this should present the inf folder. If not, you can either enter this to the Run box (hold down the Windows Flag key+R) or browse to it using Computer. To do this, open up Computer, and navigate to the drive (usually C) where windows is installed. Browse to the folders called windows/inf on Vista. If your hard drive is a different letter please amend as necessary.

Find the files labelled OEMxx.inf, where xx is a number from 00, 01, 02 etc upwards. You will need to double click on each INF file in turn, and if it says "SEIKO EPSON" or "EPSON" within the first few lines, then you need to close the file, and then delete it. Repeat this until all EPSON INF files are removed.

Step Four:

Staying in Computer, stay within the windows folder and navigate to system32/spool/drivers, and go into the folder named "w32x86". Delete any folders that begin with "epson" and any downloaded Epson driver files.

Step Five:


You now need to download the latest driver from the Epson website. First determine what version of Vista you are running (either 32-bit or x64 bit). To do this, go to Control Panel > double-click System. Locate 'System Type' on that window, the version will be noted here.

To download the driver you need to go to:

Select your product type (All in One, or Inkjet Printer) from the first drop down menu, then pick your product model and operating system from the other two. Note: If you are not sure what version of Vista you have, please check your version of Vista by going to Control Panel > System (double-click this). Check "System Type" and the version will be stated here. Once the system version is confirmed, click the Search button, choose Printer Driver and Epson Scan to download and save the files to the desktop. Double click on the icons (one at a time) on your desktop and follow the instructions. If you receive a UAC - User Account Control message advising that the Epson file has an unidentified publisher, choose 'Allow' to continue the installation. Click the ‘Setup’ button to unzip the files, then ensure you highlight your specific model then click ‘OK’ to continue. At the end of the driver installation, you may receive a specific message saying “This program may not have installed correctly” - please click the option "This program installed correctly".

Once installed, restart the PC. The foreign language tabs will now appear in English.
Hope this helps!!
Hope this helps!!

Thank You

Dale Summerton
Sales Manager Team

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